Day 2 of our trip and we were as much excited as we were shivering. Our hosts woke us up early for the sunrise and it turned out to be too early and the sun made us wait a good 40-50 mins. 

After the much awaited sunrise, we were ready for the day ahead. But first, we needed to return our frail Scooty for something with more power for the wavy roads. So we went to the bike rental store and got a Pulsar 150cc from Mr. Sukhwinder(8979300912). Good fellow, cooperative and most importantly non fussy. Now that we had the bike, we needed a quick move on for the day ahead. We headed back to our stay and got ready to get out on the road. 

While I was driving, Manish became the navigator and google was our compass. One bend after the other, the roads were leading us to the destination. The views were oh so spectacular and Mussoorie soon looked like a queen of hills, which it is so fondly called. The sun was bright, air cold, the roads were in a very good condition. Do you need a better setting for a bike ride? It was perfect. 


And by the way, meet Manish, my friend.

PC: Vikash(me)  The one behind the scenes

After this hearty meal, we set on our path again. The hairpin bends with the backdrop of green hills and pine trees were too irresistible and we kept stopping to capture the scenes. See a few samples.

PC: Vikash(me)  

Slowly and very slowly, we made our way to Mussoorie Mall road and met this huge crowd who came in as it is the tourist season. So we had to modify our plan a little and decided to go to Gun Hill Point. We parked our bike at a identifiable location and walked upto the cable car ticket counter. Tickets then cost Rs. 100. It was a very long queue and took around 45-60 min to board the car. But the cable ride is amazing as you keep rising till the point. 

Once on the top of the hill, we were surrounded by food vendors. Our eyes met an archery corner who gave 5 shots for Rs.100 and there was a small prize if you scored 40 in those 5 rounds. I got only 32 or something and Manish wasn’t very close to the prize either. No Olympics for us then.

We then moved on to see the panaromic views from the hill top. You can actually spot the Gangotri and Yamunotri galciers from this location. Just in case you are not able to spot, there are guys with telescopes who will show you for a nominal charge of Rs.50. They show you around places like Gangotri and Yamunotri glaciers, the ‘Jo jeeta wohi Sikander School” and few other spots and mountain ranges. It is amazing. Then we loosened up to have a photography session and did not know when to stop. The scene all around can be spell binding. Have a look.

PC: Vikash(me)  The white icy peak is Yamunotri .
PC: Vikash(me)  The endless chain of hills 

We spent a lot of time here and left around 5 pm on the last cable car. We searched for the suggested place for eating on internet and we decided to go to Little Llama Cafe, which is one of the best cafe’s in the area and for good reason. The backdrop and the quality of food was very pleasing.  See the picture below. Do you disagree?

By the time we ate, it was already dark and the crowd also seemed to multiply. So we decided to drop other locations as it could get very late. We got so absorbed at every place we visited that time just flew by.

Next, we had to go look for our bike and hope it was still there since we parked at a random location. Thankfully, it was there even after 4 -5 hrs. But the engine had turned cold and it took around 5-7 minutes with all the tricks in the bag to get it started. Once it started, we were off on our way.

If you thought day was good, wait till you drive at night. The whole city just lightens up like a million stars on the ground. 

It was not easy to drive in that cold when you feel nothing in your hands. Somehow, we managed to reach Dehradun by about 9-9.30 pm which was quite alright considering the number of times we stopped. Then went to have dinner at some restaurant and moved on from there to our stay.

It was a memorable day. The memories are etched so vividly that even after a year , now that I am writing about it, I can recount each of it clearly. This place sees a lot of tourist influx and most people will tell you it’s not so beautiful anymore with all the crowd, but it is definitely worth a visit. It will not disappoint you. You just have to be a responsible tourist and no spread litter over the place.

With the day done and dusted, we couldn’t decide where to go next day. It will all come down to the next morning. Read on for the next chapter of our tour.

Pro Tip: Leave as early as possible. You can either use a rented bike or reserved taxi’s that will charge you Rs.1000 for a Dehradun-Mussoorie round trip.

Before we end this, here is the list of places and things to do in Mussoorie:

  1. Visit Gun Hill Point for splendid view of Mussoorie( Cost: Rs.100 for cable car).
  2. Lal Tibba 
  3. Little Llama Cafe or others located nearby.
  4. Adventure activities such as Paragliding, River Rafting.

A more detailed list can be found here.

That’s it folks for this edition. Hope you found this informative and motivating enough.


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