Deciding on a place to visit during winters was always easy. That was until I hadn’t started travelling. Once you see a few places, some click with you and some don’t. You start to better know what you want from your next trip. The idea of your next destination starts to shape in your mind. And that’s also part of learning about yourself as a person.

On any trip, solo or group, beaches or mountains, there are always challenges. These challenges can seem very trivial from far but they are not so easy to overcome. Let’s consider an example of a group of people travelling together. They have different lifestyle habits. Some may be more accomodating than others. In such a trip, it’s critical for everyone to stick to a schedule or everyone suffers. If you are unlucky enough to be stuck with slackers, you will miss out on something on your trip. More so, you will regret the trip itself and lose your peace of mind to the extent you won’t even enjoy whatever you get to see. Such an experience will leave a sour taste in your mouth. But, on the positive side, you will make a better decision next time. You will either go solo or create a group on whom you can rely.

We have heard that travelling makes you self aware. So what do they mean? Let’s dive into this. When you are travelling you have to fend for yourself. You have to plan everything beforehand and things could still go awry. Your vehicle may break down, your health may deteriorate, and other plenty of things life can throw at you. If not directly to you, something might happen in your groups like an altercation between members or someone else might get sick. The point is, plenty can go wrong. You might totally freak out and have no sense of how to get out of it. This is where you learn to ask for help and be patient.

There are good people and they are everywhere. Some may have what it needs to help you or some might go out of their way to help you. All you have to do is ask. It takes a lot to ask but the situation will make it less hard. It might be a case of survival for you and being shy is not an option. Experiences such as these, depending on the outcome, will shape your personality, your outlook in life.

Similar to the above example, when you go on a trek and you are tired. You just want throw you bag and lie down on a soft bed. But there could be someone who needs your help. Or someone needs you to go slow else they might lose their way. The choices that you make at these junctures are the ones that will define your personality. You will remember these moments proudly or with regret. If you help someone at a time when you feel less able to, you will realise how strong you really are. The injection of self belief will energise you and give you optimism in life.

Of course, then there is the aspect of culture of the region you visit. You see the diversity of nature in people, environment, behaviour. In India alone you will get swamped by the number of different cultures.

These are some of my personal reflections on the journeys that I have made. This is what makes travelling an insightful activity which you must do. It will test your limits and gives you so much in return, be it knowledge, awareness, tolerance, patience. So people, go out, explore, you will see things that you never knew existed. You will break the shackles of your mind about you and about the notions you had before of places you had never seen.



There’s still time : Be a responsible traveller

We all have come across trails on the mountains that are lined with trash. Is this how we return our gratitude towards mountains for all they provide? Time has come to work towards saving our mountains and nature. There’s still time for us to be a responsible traveller and return the mountains its pristine beauty. All of us combined can contribute by doing small things like using dustbins, not carrying disposables while trekking and other small considerate acts.

Mountains help us in more than one. For instance, they provide glaciers, rains and help in maintaining diversity of vegetation and life. They also provide natural borders for our nation guarding against aggression from our notorious neighbours.

What has come across as very sad is that we have lost our respect for them. We pollute them like there’s no tomorrow. Some tourist places have been trashed so bad, they don’t resemble the beauty they once were.

See, the thing is mountains and in effect, nature, doesn’t care. The day it decides to teach us a lesson, we , even with all our technology, will just sit in despair while it washes our sins with our lives and blood.In saving mountains, we save us, we save ours.

So lets start being responsible while there’ still time and do our part in preserving nature for future generations. We owe them that much.

Let’s work together towards saving them.

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Thank you for reading.